Chicago Fashion Capital of the World Rivaling Paris and Milan

By | Saturday August 22nd, 2009 | 03:41 pm | Comments

My Kind of Town Chicago

Chicago wants to be a ‘Fashion Hub’ similar to the LA Fashion District and New York’s Garment District giving the Midwest a place to showcase, compete and thrive in the fashion industry.  This sounds like a wonderful idea that should have been pursued years ago.  Right now when fashion is discussed Chicago is not the first point of reference.  Chicago is home to the Merchandise Mart, a Mecca for over three million visitors including retailers from all over the world who shop the Mart’s 25 floors for product for their stores and boutiques.  It spans over two city blocks and is said to be the world’s largest commercial building.  The Merchandise Mart is located in the heart of a city with tremendous history and a recent bid for the 2016 Olympics so it only makes sense that building a fashion centric vibe in Chicago is the next step.  Adjacent to the Merchandise Mart is the Chicago Apparel Center which houses over 250 wholesale apparel showrooms and office space.  Chicago is also home to over 300 emerging designers and counting.  This is where we come in because our passion is the promotion of emerging fashion.  Noblivity has the opportunity to get involved on the front end of this endeavor and we are wasting no time throwing our efforts into the ring, pushing up or sleeves and getting to work.  STYLEMAX shows, trade and fashion shows and other pertinent resources are already bringing buyers and merchants to Chicago so this feat should not take forever the foundation is already in place and the fashion canvas has already been primed.  The level of excitement could not be any higher from local retailers, wholesale buyers, enthusiastic fashionistas,  emerging designers and design houses. 

Chicago is home to a diverse community, some of the most fascinating architecture, world-class dining, museums, a thriving theatre district and of course Lake Michigan and all its allure.  The location is perfect, the designers are ready, the retailers can’t wait and the timing is right.  The moon and stars have all aligned, who knows we’re not astrologists, to make sure this happens.  We see good things ahead for local emerging designers and the like in the near future and this makes our hearts soar with anticipation.  This is just the beginning.  The possibilities are enormous. Stay tuned…

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