JolierONE is Taking the US Market By Storm One Garment 59 Ways

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JolierONE hits the US exclusively @ The MarketPlace  How many ways can you wear one garment, let us count the ways 1, 2, 3 nope 20, 30, 40 nope.  JolierONE has taken versatility to an all new level 59 ways to wear one garment appropriately called JolierONE.  One garment 59 ways for all women.  The design is really simple and innovative using a rectangular piece of beautifully hand selected imported fabric attach corset-like hooks throw in a pair of elastic suspenders and there you have it.   The manufacturing process creates no waste or left over materials.  This fabulous garment comes with a pair of detachable suspenders that can easily double as a belt or straps depending on individual taste and a style reference guide so one can visually see and try all of the 59 wear options.  This is a must have piece for any wardrobe for many reasons.  Here are our top five reasons:

Reason #1:   Versatility – 59 ways to wear this garment – need we say more

Reason #2:   Convenience – it folds up and travels well, takes up minimal space in your suitcase or carry bag a real plus these days.

Reason #3:   Individuality- JolierONE has a wide fabric and color selection invoking fashionista creativity

Reason #4:   Adaptability- One garment for every woman – size and shape are not factors here one size  fits all.  JolierONE is for all women, yeah!

Reason #5:    Affordability – $150 – $180 price based on individual fabric selection  


JolierONE can be dressed up or down for day or evening.  Running late for a meeting or a class this garment is absolutely perfect grab it and go.  Need a wonderfully unique gift idea for the gal who has everything choose the JolierONE because it takes the guess work out of the equation, you know it will fit and she will love it.  One garment endless possibilities find it at


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